[Ben Van Bortel: guitar / Ruben Verbruggen: alto sax / Robbe Willems: piano / Jasper De Roeck: double bass]

Swing & Stomp it.

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[ Bart Maris: trumpet / Ruben Verbruggen: alto saxophone /
Thijs Troch: keys / Gonçalo Almeida: double bass / Friso Van Wijck: drums

Sometimes they play with the punch of a quick-tempered bull, other times they sound like a spacey group of kind elephants. Bulliphant uses different musical approaches in which the common denominator is cutting-edge interaction. Bulliphant’s debut album ‘Hightailing’ is out now!

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[ Stephanie Francke: Soprano saxophone / Wietse Voermans: Alto saxophone / Matthias Van den Brande: Tenor saxophone / Ruben Verbruggen: Baritone saxophone ]

Spoken is a saxophone quartet. They present a exciting and very personal repertoire, with an interesting mixture of the many beautiful sounds of the saxophone. They execute this in a personal and original style, lightly topped with a healthy dose of humor.

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[Giotis Damianidis: guitar / Viktor Perdieus: tenor sax / Gregoire Tirtiaux: alto and baritone sax / Ruben Verbruggen: alto and baritone sax / Joao Lobo: drums]

Punk Kong is a chameleon. Changes color according to the circumstances to avoid being part of any particular musical idiom. The baseless ensemble offers you a crossover among African blues, avant-garde jazz, noise rock and improvised music.

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Jamaican Jazz Orchestra takes you on ride through their musical jungle where you can hear the sounds of reggae and ska mixed with jazz. If you listen closely to this eleven piece band you will discover a wide range of different colors and moods blending them all smoothly together.

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Other projects like playing in quartet, or with other bands such as Jos Moons Little Big Band and Slick Nick and the Casino Special, …